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Who We Are


Nicholas Huang


Nick Huang is a senior at Brown University concentrating in biology and music. He plays piano and cello and hopes to pursue a career in trauma medicine. His work with Healing Through Harmony encompasses performances, finances, and general logistics. In his free time, Nick enjoys working out, hanging out with friends, and speaking at length in the third person.


Aaron Gruen


Aaron Gruen is a senior concentrating in music and chemistry and is pursuing a future career in medicine. As part of of Healing Through Harmony, Aaron organized and is in charge of the prison outreach program.


Renée Choi

Social Media and Outreach

Renée Choi is a junior at Brown University studying Health and Human Biology as well as Music. She plays the violin and is an active member of the Brown chamber program and the Brown University Orchestra. With Healing Through Harmony, she hopes to bring warmth to a community through her love for music. In her free time, she loves to dance, listen to keshi, and eat ice cream!


Jade Bajic

Concert Organization and Hospital Coordinator

Jade Bajic is a junior at Brown University concentrating in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She plans on pursuing a career in dermatology. She plays the violin, piano, and ukulele and is an active member of the Brown University Chamber Ensemble. Her work with Healing Through Harmony involves performances and bridging the Brown- Miriam Volunteer Program with our organization. During her free time, Jade enjoys painting, listening to Talor Swift, and traveling!


James Hong


James Hong is a class of 2022 graduate who concentrated in neurobiology and music. He plans on pursuing a career in orthopedic surgery. As a member of Healing Through Harmony, he volunteers as a performer and teacher for trumpet and piano.


Alex Philips


Alex Philips is a medical student at Warren Alpert Medical School with a degree in health economics from Brown University. As a part of Healing through Harmony, he volunteers to play the piano, advises on general club initiatives, and helps publicize opportunities to medical students.

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